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The Perpetual Mouse Trap is a self resetting mouse trap. It is best suited for areas such as garages, basements, barns, etc. where you have the some space and do not mind leaving a bucket sitting out. This trap works with standard 5 gallon buckets to trap the mice and either hold them for disposal or drown them. Humane or not, itís your choice.

Product Summary


 Constant re-baiting is not required.

 The trap re-sets itself.

 Can be left for extended periods with no maintenance and it will still catch miceóas long as there is bait!

 One trap can eradicate the mice from an entire building!

 You never need to touch the miceóeven if you catch 20. Flush them, dump them outside, itís up to you.

Here is the trap set up to catch mice. All you provide is the bucket, the bait and a way for the mice to get to the trap. Place it next to something or put a ramp up to the trap and they will fall for it! The trap works by luring the mouse into walking onto a rotating surface. Once they step too far out to eat the bait, the trap rotates and the mouse falls into the bucket.

Here is an example of what you may find after a few nights of use. This was with the trap set out for 3 nights. It caught one per night. In a barn in upstate New York, one trap caught 19 mice over the winter with no re-setting or re-baiting! This helped to protect the equipment stored there which had been gnawed on by mice the previous winter.

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