A Perpetual Mouse trap. This trap resets itself after each catch. As long as you keep it supplied with bait it will keep on catching mice. You may set it up for live capture or as a killing trap.

Perpetual Mouse Trap

Do you have a lot of mowing to do with a riding mower? Do you also have a push mower for places your rider just can’t reach? Do you wish you could finish faster? The Patented Side Kick tow behind can cut your mowing time by one third!

Side Kick Tow Behind Mower — New!

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Have you ever had your mailbox trashed by the snowplow? We sure have. And with a bit of inventive genius, we have come up with a device that keeps your mailbox from being “plowed” again.

Swing Away Mail Box Protector — New!

We have some wooden products available for sale including crosses, hearts for special occasions, etc.

Wooden Products — New!

Manned Models

Manned Model ships. We build manned model ships for sale. The Titanic, tug boats, stern wheel paddle boats, you name it. You can buy one we have already built or contact us and we can build you the manned model ship of your dreams.